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Product Description

NMF xpress cream moisturizing face cream is recommended for the care of very dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. After just a few uses, the skin is deeply moisturized. A light cream, it absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. There is a noticeable improvement in skin elasticity and the skin's hydrolipid barrier is rebuilt.

The uniqueness of the recipe is the glacial water encapsulated in liposomes. This crystal-clear ingredient has a strong moisturizing and revitalizing effect on the skin. Moisturizing cream fights the causes of dry skin. The skin is deeply moisturized, without the feeling of superficial oiliness, and its elasticity is improved.

The intensely moisturizing face cream moisturizes the skin on many levels. The active ingredients reach the skin thanks to the use of the latest liposome technology. It is in them that glacial water is encapsulated, which strongly moisturizes the skin and eliminates the causes of dry skin.

Glacier water contains a combination of minerals, and liposomal carriers guarantee its transport deep into the skin, which prolongs the effect of the product and helps to rebuild the skin's hydrolipid barrier. The intensively moisturizing cream reduces skin dryness and stimulates the sebaceous glands. Thanks to this, it protects the skin against TEWL – transepidermal water loss from the epidermis. The cream contains as much as 18% moisturizing ingredients that supplement mineral and micronutrient deficiencies that help in the care of dry skin. The moisturizing complex and polysaccharides are responsible for the moisturizing effect. They reduce irritation caused by very dry skin, reduce itching and dryness, and rebuild the barrier.

Just a few times of using the moisturizing cream reduces dryness of the skin of the face and body, eliminates irritation and improves the basic functions of the skin.


  • dry, very dry, dry and dehydrated skin,
  • hydrolipid barrier of the skin damaged by climatic factors (e.g. wind, sun, frost),
  • genetic dryness of the skin,
  • itching, excessive dryness of the skin,
  • the need to strengthen and rebuild the skin's hydrolipid coat.

Composition of the product

-1% liposomal glacier water – a modern moisturizing substance, responsible for the effect of the so-called deep hydration of the skin; restores the skin's hydrolipid barrier; It nourishes, firms and tones the epidermis.

-2% Shea butter – regenerates and nourishes the skin, effectively preventing it from drying out and irritation again. It plays the function of a natural UV filter.

-5% polysaccharides – prevent excessive water loss (TEWL) and improve the properties of the protective barrier. It has an antioxidant effect. They improve the appearance of the skin by tightening it and filling in wrinkles.

-10% moisturizing complex – a group of substances that protect the skin against dehydration. It allows you to maintain an appropriate level of water in the upper layers of the skin. It plays a key role in maintaining the elasticity and elasticity of the stratum corneum.

INCI Composition

aqua, vitis vinifiera seed oil, propanediol, saccharide isomerate, glycerin, betaine, glyceryl stearate citrate, butyrospermum parkii butter, adansonia digitata seed oil, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, trolein, parfum, benzyl alcohol, glyceryl polyacrylate, trehalose, glyceryl dioleate, urea, serine, pentylene glycol, algin, sodium stearoyl glutamate, caprylyl glycol, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol, pullulan, lecithin, alcohol, helianthus annuus seed oil, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, dehydroacetic acid, sodium phytate, sodium citrate, citric acid



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