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JPX 3 BIO 6x5,0ml

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JPX3 BIO 6x5.0ml is a chemical peel with brightening, eliminating discoloration and tightening properties. JPX3 BIO 6x5.0ml perfectly moisturizes and supports the fight against skin imperfections, the special mixture of monochloroacetic, kojic, almond and antioxidant acids used in it allows you to obtain smooth, brightened and refreshed skin in a non-invasive way.

JPX3 BIO 6x5.0ml is suitable for use all year round, as it does not cause redness and intense peeling.

The effect is visible after the first treatment.


  • MCA 33% (monochloroacetic acid)
  • 0,5 % urea hydrooxide
  • 5% kojic acid
  • 3 % mandelic acid
  • 5 % antioxidants


  • smoothing of fine wrinkles,
  • refreshing, smoothing, moisturizing,
  • prevention of acne lesions

Directions for use:

  • wash and de-fat the skin,
  • remove the metal cap from the ampoule, remove the rubber stopper, then put a plastic dropper on the ampoule or stretch the appropriate amount of product into the syringe and apply a dropper intended for use with a syringe to the tip (both droppers are in the package).
  • apply the appropriate amount of the product to the treatment area (hands, neckline, neck, face, shoulders) and massage in until the preparation is completely absorbed.
  • repeat the action at least 2-3 times depending on the degree of sensitivity of the skin.
  • at the end of the treatment, apply a soothing and nourishing cream,

Number of treatments 4-5 - once a week,

To maintain the effects, it is recommended to recall the treatment once a month.

Packaging: 6 x 5 ml.

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