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SUNEKOS 1200 2x3,0ml

Professional Dietetics
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Sunekos 1200 2x3.0ml – is an anti-aging preparation intended for patients over 45 years of age. Sunekos 1200 2x3.0ml is mainly used to reduce deep wrinkles.

Sunekos 1200 2x3.0ml gives a visible improvement in skin firmness, brightening and smoothing.

The patented formula contains hyaluronic acid and a combination of amino acids, collagen and elastin precursors. This combination helps stimulate the regeneration of the extracellular matrix, leading to skin biogenesis.

Preparation of the preparation is a combination of hyaluronic acid with amino acids.

Then cleaning and disinfection of the area to be treated.

Administration of the preparation using a technique appropriate for the patient.

Treatment protocol:

The first dose - Sunekos 1200 2x3.0ml - is administered once. In the case of severe sagging skin and deep wrinkles, SUNEKOS 200 can be additionally administered on the same day or within 2 days of sunekos 1200administration. Another 3-4 doses of SUNEKOS 200 are administered at intervals of 7 to 10 days.

Continuation after 4 and 7 months from the first treatment protocol.


  • 2 sterile vials of lyophilized amino acids (Glycine, L-proline, L-lysine, L-alanine, L-leucine, L-valine) – 100 mg each;
  • 2 sterile ampoules of non-networked hyaluronic acid 30mg/3ml with a molecular weight of 1200 kD,

Recommended injection technique:

Needle: 27 - 30G - 13 mm,

Cannula: 25 - 27 - 30G - 40 mm

Deep layers of the dermis.

One pack of Sunekos 1200 contains enough product to perform 2 treatments.

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