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Needle mesotherapy is undoubtedly one of the most popular treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. It is an effective treatment aimed at providing the skin with the right amount of active ingredients. It is also a preventive measure of health, as it is followed by a clear improvement in the quality of the skin.

Mesotherapy is currently widely used in the prevention of skin aging, such as: prevention of wrinkles, flaccidity, loss of elasticity and dryness, as well as baldness and hair loss, as well as in the treatment of stretch marks and scars.

The use of mesotherapy can be started after the age of 30, because the skin is younger and in better condition, thus the treatment provides faster, more spectacular and longer-lasting effects. Mesotherapy with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can be done prophylactically in two series twice a year to improve skin hydration, strengthen it and prevent aging. Over time, it may become our indispensable ritual of preventive healthcare, such as a semi-annual dental check-up at the dentist. By doing it once every six months, we can be sure that the skin will remain young for a long time by getting the right amount of hydration and stimulation.

Needle mesotherapy is a treatment with a wide range of applications. It prevents skin aging, prevents cellulite, reduces body fat, stimulates hair follicles and solves the problem of hair loss. In addition, it is recommended for people after the application of fillers, Botox and laser treatments, as it complements and actively supports them. In addition to the action of the preparation, puncturing the skin affects:

  • improvement of microcirculation and metabolism of skin cells,
  • stimulation of skin regeneration – replacement with new cells and stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin,
  • inhibiting the formation of harmful free radicals,
  • formation of new blood vessels.

Thanks to the training, conducted by professionals, the participant will learn more basic and more detailed information about needle mesotherapy.

The training includes a theoretical part (about 3 hours) and an extended practical part (lasting about 4-5 hours).

During the practical part, participants will learn

  • Preparation of the workplace
  • selection of the right cocktail/component for the customer's problem
  • puncture techniques
  • procedures during and after the procedure... and much more.

To take part in the training, you need to fill in the application form and add the product to the cart.

It is worth investing in yourself and your skills, because it is an investment that will pay off in the future.

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